學員好評 | IMPACT changed the way I learn English

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I work for an American company as a project manager. I’d learned English on my own off and on for 10 years after I graduated from university in 2000. Due to the favorite to English, I spent a lot of time to study it in my spare time. But I didn’t get what I had expected. The result was that I still can’t open mouth to speak out. I was always a listener when I took a conference call with our oversea colleagues. You may never feel how embarrassedly I was at that situation.  When I almost give up my study, I got to know IMPACT on an unexpected opportunity. It’s the first time I learned about the Five-step method learning English on the IMPACT trial class. After the class I and other three my colleagues didn’t hesitate to join IMPACT.

In IMPACT, I knew Anna, a beautiful, smart and professional teacher. Anna encouraged me to speak out with sentences that I learned in the courseware. After you read it she corrected my mistakes in pronunciation and phrases. She also asked me to make an extended practice on a useful sentence. Although it was just twenty minutes in a class, I really got a lot from it. On last month conference call, I made a presentation of my projects to our boss of Asia Pacific on my own. I would never imagine I can do that before!

After 6 months study, I really got a great improvement on spoken English. I’d have to say IMPACT gives us a magic key which can open a door for you to achieve the goal in a short time. It also changes the way that I learn English.  I will continue to follow this method on my journey of learning English. Thanks Anna! Thanks IMPACT!

從這位學員的真實經歷,hth华体会最新网站登录入口不難看出:學習一門新的語言好似如何學習一種樂器。有頻率、有效率的練習是其中的關鍵。對于聽說技能,尤其需要流利度。當你聽或說時,你幾乎沒有時間去思考使用一門語言,這時間遠遠比你閱讀文字時的時間短的多。壓根沒有時間去回想單詞或者語法規則。這一系列聽說過程,一定是本能發生的。為了培養這種如本能般的能力(潛意識的能力)不借助任何文字,重復性地練習是非常重要的。 耐的五步學習法:泛聽——精聽——跟讀模仿——錄音對比——總結活化 ,正是順應了這一個自然規律。






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