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感恩節快到了,學會了職場hth华体会最新网站登录入口的感恩表達。感謝公司的平臺和重點栽培,感謝父母妻子的溫馨陪伴, 你是否也要感恩努力上進的自己和貼心輔導的hth华体会最新网站登录入口教練呢?


Time passes quickly, I finished my English study this semester.

I studied the English from the end of October to January,about four months.

During the study time,I received the help from K/A/C/ and other nice people.

Before I decide to study the English,I connect-ed with three English training centers.

I think Impact is the best one, because Impact's charge the less cheap than other,can study the knowledge by APP it's can save same times. the study time is once a week, it's can give me enough time to preview and review.

My English teacher K is a very nice man very patient, also harsh. If I didn't do some preview and review,forgot the knowledge,he will pay more time to review. Every week, he sent me my study time and after the class, tell me the learning methods.

During this semester,I improve my English.Thanks K,I will continue the English study in the future.

Hi S,








從今年九月份開始在Impact跟隨R老師學習hth华体会最新网站登录入口, R老師的很大特點是年輕有活力, 思維活躍。她在對我的指導過程中讓我受益深的是她給我布置的家庭作業, 同時引導我如何用所學的知識來完善自己的口語能力。

R老師還很年輕, 相信她會在今后帶課過程中積累更多更豐富的經驗, 幫助hth华体会最新网站登录入口這些學員達到更高的hth华体会最新网站登录入口水平。

Dear all,

Today, I'll talk about experience of my study English for two years. I have advanced about learning and spoken language, although my advance is not great, but I think the experience of study English is more important.

I need to get over many difficulties. I need get over the pressure of work. I need balance between the work and the study. I often have business trips. I can't ensure study English 30min every day. I remember sentences and words with long time. I often can't have class on time because temporary work, but my teacher, R always adjusts time for me.

Now I want to speak to my teacher, thank you very much. I study new knowledge through my studying hard and R's patient quidance.

I know how to describe the schedule of a day from morning to night. I know daily expression of different scenes, for example business travel, airport, restaurant, location... Besides, I know how to talk about registered luggage, carry-on luggage when I check in. I know how to order and talk with waiter in restaurant. These are all practical for me in work.

Sometimes I am too busy, I think about giving up before. But my teacher encourages me a lot, now I persevere study. Last year, I have many inspirations; In a new year, I will go on to studyEnglish, because I know success belongs to the persevering.

Finally, I wish my teacher: You are my teacher, you are my good friend too. I wish R more and more beautiful, good mood every day.

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望大家繼續堅持hth华体会最新网站登录入口獨具特色的五步學習法和三步復習法 !相信在hth华体会最新网站登录入口商務hth华体会最新网站登录入口教練指導下,一定會達成既定提升目標喲!






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