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It's that time of year when many of us spend money buying gifts for family and friends. We spend hours, even days, searching the shops and websites trying to find the right present for someone - a pair of socks, perfume, a new gadget – only to find the recipient already has it or they've been given it already. Or worse, they just don't like it, which makes me think, "Are we wasting our time and money?"


There is so much stuff in the world already and so much waste that maybe when it comes to Christmas giving, we need to think outside the box – use our imagination and be more creative with our generosity. Getting too many gifts can also send out the wrong message. Speaking to BBC online, clinical psychologist Linda Blair says, "When we are given a lot, we expect to receive a lot…


She makes a good point - for adults alike, when it comes to giving, think about offering something other than a material object that may get forgotten, discarded or re-gifted.Buying an experience is one alternative - a chance for someone to try something out and do something different. It will cost you money, but for the recipient it could be an opportunity to try something they could not normally afford or would not have thought about doing. It would therefore be memorable and, hopefully, much appreciated.

Another practical gift could be to buy someone lessons, giving them a chance to learn new skills such as horse riding or learning English. And there are what are called 'favours' – money-can't-buy offerings to do jobs for someone like babysitting, cleaning or giving someone a massage. And there is always the fallback of giving vouchers to spend in a shop.


小耐姐特地準備了真情滿滿的 中英文祝福


Wish you the best Christmas ever.


Wish you a peaceful, joyful and happy Christmas!


Peace and love is your gift at Christmas ever!


The warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come on Christmas and stay with you all the year through.


When each snowflake floats on Christmas Eve; when each firework flames on Christmas Eve; when each second flows on Christmas Eve, all transfers the blessing I send to you!


I really care the falling Christmas snow; I deeply miss the flashing Christmas lights. Air in the cold breath is full of my blessing. Happy holiday!


Thanks to everyone who company with me, thank you love me and the person I love, thanks to make us happy in the helpless life. Thanks my friend, and thanks to see this message. Merry Christmas Eve and merry Christmas!


Beautiful season and beautiful Christmas tree are in this beautiful day and this peace time. Wish the Christmas light you up every day. Loyally wish you have a happy Christmas Eve and merry Christmas!


Flying Snowflakes are missing; the firework is a blessing; flowers express friendship; messages send you warm love. On Christmas Eve, wish you have a happy Christmas day, and wish you are happy!


Some things will always be missed in life; some people will always be forgotten; some days will always be ignored. But there is one day you cannot forget; there is a person you cannot miss. Wish your Christmas Eve peace, and merry Christmas.


年末的你一定很忙碌,但也要注意保重身體哦。Merry Christmas!在圣誕的夜里,為你擦亮夜空,你只需抬頭看,那每一顆星都代表著小耐姐的一份祝福:幸福,快樂,如意……







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